Fresh and Frozen Bakery Manufacturers and Distributors

 About Us 
Starting from humble beginnings in 1986, we have steadily grown to become a diversified manufacturer of high quality baked products. We currently operate a 24/7, modern bakery manufacturing facility located near Highway 401 and Allen Road in Toronto, Ontario.

Primarily focused on the frozen bakery marketplace, Bakers Group under its 'Old Fashioned Bagel' brand also has significant seven day per week fresh and frozen bagel production with distribution in and around the Greater Toronto Area.

With a highly experienced sales staff covering Ontario and Atlantic Canada, Bakers Group is committed to the highest level of customer service. We provide client follow-up on all customer related issues and inquiries. Unlike many of our multinational competitors the full-time staff of Bakers Group are also its equity partners. This helps ensure the highest level of customer commitment and problem solving capability.

Our staff brings nearly 100 years of industry product sales and bakery manufacturing experience with a diverse range of recognized multinational corporations including Heinz, Pillsbury and General Mills. At Bakers Group you can always count on superior product and service, delivered on time and at a fair price.

Toronto Manufacturing Facility

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